Ashlee Evans upholds many core values, one of them being the fight for social justice where it is needed. We need to live in a society where people do not merely support progressive change, but fight for it...especially on a local scale.



As an expanding city, it is about time Clarksville looks into different ways to make our city more green and environmentally friendly. Some steps we have already taken include: Replacing old light bulbs in our street lamps to LED bulbs, with the energy savings bringing pay back in just under 16 years. As well as, obtaining a grant that will allow CDE to install and collect data on a 6.38k solar panel array in order to best predict how to bring solar power to homes and businesses in our community. As a Council Woman I will further look into different ways we as a community can help reduce our carbon footprint, find better recycling programs, and lead on a path backed by renewable energy.


Clarksville is lucky to have the police department that we do, but there is always room for improvement. I believe they really do have the honest intent to keep the citizens of Clarksville safe. With the current climate surrounding police forces around the nation we need to apply a conscious drive to provide equitable law enforcement and community collaboration.
Issues like victimless crime endlessly entrap thousands of Clarksvillians into the criminal justice system, wasting taxpayer dollars and in cases further enforcing racial bias. We need to take care of our folks and make real efforts to follow through with smart and fair reform, in order to provide a valuable step forward for our citizens.


Clarksville has been a steadily growing city for some time now. We need to start thinking about growing responsibly and continue to work on our infrastructure. We need to avoid irresponsible zoning and ensure that what is being built will suit the needs of the community, not only for right now but for years from now. We also have to make sure that residents have safe living conditions and that we have more options for affordable housing. We absolutely have to make sure we provide diversity in our housing stock and make housing repair funds known/available to lower income neighborhoods, so that they may have comfort knowing they have relief for their homes if the need arises.


 In order to start treating all human beings as human, we have to serve ALL of the people, not just some of them. We need to acknowledge and repair the disparities between populations in Clarksville.We can no longer accept a “that’s just how things are” mentality and continuing to support folks with special interest.

We need to open a dialogue between the city government and the citizens of Clarksville. As a Council Woman, I will advocate for increased communication between our government and its people. I am an active listener and strong believer in the power of transparency.Our leaders need to increase public awareness about events going on, and we need to get more people interested in local policy.

We can accomplish this by creating more opportunities for public involvement (with-in reason of the COVID-19 pandemic). These opportunities will create a space that encourages our constituents to feel welcomed, valued, and for them to actively learn and voice their personal concerns. I want our citizens to feel as though they have power in the choices our government makes rather than being forced to accept decisions.


Clarksville, like everywhere else in the states, was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to combat this virus we need the people in charge to lead by example. As a Council woman I am ready to spread awareness of safety measures that are proven to help slow the spread of the virus. You can do your part by wearing a mask, frequently washing your hands, staying home unless you need to go out, socially distance yourself when you are out, and making sure you get tested when you are feeling ill or have been exposed to COIVID-19. In order to help recover from the realities that this virus has brought, we need to do what Clarksville does best. We absolutely need to come together and fight this responsibly.


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