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"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us." -- Wilma Rudolph

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 Candidate for City Council

I am a mother, a humanist, and an activist all rolled into one. I have been inspired to run for City Council (Ward 11) because talking about change is tiresome. I want to see it happen. I love our home, I love our people, and I care about equity for everyone. As a growing city we must focus on ways to keep Clarksville clean. We need to prioritize the safety of our residents and provide them with a higher standard of living. Additionally, we need to follow Nashville's lead by dropping charges for minor possession of marijuana to help push for decriminalization.
I am originally from Cedar Rapids, IA, but I have been a resident to Clarksville for a little over 14 years. Like many of us, I was brought to Clarksville as a military brat. However, my parents were divorced, and I was primarily raised in a low income household by a single mother. I currently attend Austin Peay State University, and am majoring in Graphic Design. I represent the average Clarksville citizen. I am also an average citizen who wants change. Clarksville is the 5th largest CITY in Tennessee, so we need to stop pretending it is still a small town. We need to adapt to keep our title as one of the best places to live.
I am pushing for a progressive change, as I have my entire adult life. I am proudly an ally to BLM, a member of the LQBTQIA+ family, and a flamboyant millennial. Our community is beautiful because of its diversity. We need to honor that by making our community better for everyone who calls this city home.



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